y Burn Windfarm

Statkraft has stated there is potential to add an additional 10 turbines next to the existing Berry Burn Wind Farm, located south of the town. The Wind Farm is operated and majority owned by Statkraft and has been operating since 2014. It is made up of 29 turbines, and in a typical year provides power for the equivalent of 44,400 homes.

In less than five years the wind farm has delivered nearly £860,000 to over 100 local groups and initiatives via the Community Benefit Fund

Statkraft held four public exhibitions to hear the views of the public before they applied to the Scottish Government for consent. The public exhibitions took place between 21-23 March and allowed residents to meet the teams and ask questions.

The company estimates that the site is suitable for a maximum of ten new wind turbines, up to 150 metres in height to blade tip. In addition to generating a significant amount of clean, renewable electricity, the wind turbines would also enhance the benefits the existing wind farm brings to the local community. Airvolution and Statkraft have committed to a community benefit fund of £5,000 per MW installed on this project.

Based on ten 3.5MW turbines, this would amount to £175,000 per year for local causes such as investment in young people, community groups, connectivity and local infrastructure. This equates to over £4.3 million over the 25 year lifetime of the project.

“We are very keen to meet the local community and hear their views on the project, and how we can maximise the benefits for the community as well as for our environment.” said Alison Hood, Head of Communications at Airvolution.

Mícheál Ó Broín, Senior Project Manager at Airvolution said “Turbine technology has progressed leaps and bounds since the first turbines were installed in 2014. We estimate adding only around a third more turbines to the scheme would increase the output by more than half – not to mention a doubling of the existing community fund”.



Isn’t this the same place where the 47 turbine Clash Gour project has been proposed?

No, ours is a different proposal to Clash Gour.  That project is for 47 wind turbines being proposed by Force 9 Energy & EDF.   Our project is for 10 turbines and is being developed through a partnership between Airvolution and Statkraft, who built, own and operate the existing Berry Burn Wind Farm.

How tall will the turbines be?

We are proposing a maximum of 150 metres to blade tip. This maximises the output of the turbines without the need to install aviation lighting.  

Please come along to one of our exhibitions between 21-23 March to discuss this and more with the project team

How have the exhibitions been advertised?

We want to make sure that as many people as possible know about our face to face engagement events.  This includes:

We hope you can make it to one of our public events. If not – please register, and contact us with your questions or comments

Will there be a community fund?

Yes. If the project is approved and the turbines installed, they will generate around £175,000 per year to local community groups and projects (based on ten 3.5MW turbines, and £5,000 per MW installed). 

The 29 wind turbines at Berry Burn Wind Farm currently distribute over £170,000 to the Berry Burn Community Fund 

How can I find out more about the existing Berry Burn Community Fund?

Since the Berry Burn Wind Farm started operating in 2014, the Fund has distributed almost £860,000 to more than 100 local groups, projects and initiatives.  Communities are invited to apply for funding, and funding awards are made three times a year.  The deadline for the next round of funding is Monday 7 May – more information can be found at www.berryburncommunityfund.co.uk

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