Introduction of Mobile Working
From July 22 Mobile Working will be introduced to the North East and Moray in particular. Mobile Working means that Police Officers will be operating mobile devices as part of their operational duties.

You may notice something different about your local police officers’ uniform. They will now be in possession of mobile devices which may be secured to their body armour / jackets adjacent to their radio. This means that Officers will be able to use their mobile devices to remotely access Police systems which will increase Officers’ time working with the public and on incidents – or conducting patrols and preventing crime.

Key points
 From summer 2019, members of the public will see Police Scotland Officers using mobile devices as part of their operational duties. This means you may see Police Officers operating mobile devices in public areas or within police vehicles.
 The addition of mobile devices will mean Police Officers can do more administrative tasks whilst out with a Police building meaning less time is spent within Police stations.
 Officers are permitted to work from their mobile devices in public places – this is also a chance for both members of the public and Police Officers to engage.
 Mobile Working will help to increase officer visibility, engagement and accessibility to the public.
 Mobile Working is positively changing the operational Policing approach in Scotland through the improved use of mobile technology and a change in culture which allows officers to work more effectively within communities.

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